Event Site

All LARP Entertainment events will be hosted on the amazing site of Youldridge Woods. Its secluded site offers undisturbed LARPing without the worries of random cars and people wondering onto the site.

The site brags its own wooden cabin for the uses of a Games Control Desk and Monster Desk, based right in the centre of the site.
Additional to the woodland LARP Entertainment will be hiring an a joining field for use of out of character camping, car parking, water points, toilets and a catering wagon.
Running throughout these woodlands are woodland trails that will lead to open areas for our three in character camping sites.
The Youldridge Woods site offers a superb 100 acres of differing forms of woodland for our systems gaming needs.
Running throughout the site is a shallow stream leading into two small lakes. This steam has safe bridges and fords crossing it at servile points to give amazing combat opportunities.
When walking through the woods you will encounter varied types of woodland. From thick scrub, for perfect cover, to spaced woodland, to offer an excellent skirmish area.

The site itself is located near Okehampton in North Devon.

Site Address:-
Youldridge Woods
Buckland Filleigh
North Devon
EX21 5PQ