Game Team

LARP Entertainment brags an impressive game team of experienced players covering all walks of life. Between us we have experience of over 7 different LARP systems in the UK, RoS trained advanced weapons checkers, RoS trained combat instructors, pyrotechnic experts, web designers, experienced customer service and sales staff, printers, prosthetic makeup artists, IT experts and acting coaches. All this skill’s role into a game team with an age rang of 16 to 36 gives LARP Entertainment a refreshingly good understanding of its player base and there needs.

LARP Entertainment started as a Live Role Playing group of close friends who attended main events and systems together. In 2005 we started a Riddle of Steel franchise in Wolverhampton, running a twice weekly weapons and role play training club. We progressed from this to holding our own sanctioned events for a number of different systems and now we feel it is time to branch out into our own system so that we can offer a live role playing experience that all will enjoy.

Here is some of our Game Team and NPC staff.

Adam, Head Ref

Gill, Ref and ritual Ref

Tim, Ref and Monster Ref


Channel, NPC, Ref and Games Control


Arron, Ref, NPC and First Aider

Paul, NPC and Data Base Support


Simon, NPC and Security


Mike, NPC


Martin (Shoes), NPC


Rob, NPC

Gaz, Fire Marshal