LARP Entertainment runs a progressive game world for our characters. This means that when you start to playing a character you can learn new skill’s and advance them with social rank status was you would be able to learn new things and advance in real life.

We reward players for the effort that they take to make a better game world, both in and out of character. By helping to make a better system by wearing a good costume, fighting well, camping in character and role playing well you will enhance the experience of other role players around you. Because of your efforts to help others get more involved within the system LARP Entertainment will reward you with experience points that you can spend on your character.

What Experience skills are

Experience skills are skills that can be learnt in character by players spending there experience points.

Players may get experience points in many different ways. All these ways relate to characters doing things in game that would cause them to gain more life experiences.

Any character skills given to a player are for that character only. A record will be kept of players names, character names, amount of experience points they have, experience points they have spent and skills they have brought. With these records we can keep track of players only spending character skills they have earned in game for that character. This means that experience points can not be tracked of given to another person or character in game unless stated other wise by a ref.

Getting experience skills and points

All Characters have a maximum of 20 experience skills to learn. Then each skill has its own cost. A player is not limited on how many experience points they may spend on a character, only the amount of skills they may buy for one.

A player may get experience points from doing the following:-

1) Coming to events. When a character attends an event they will be given a number of experience points. These points depend on how big the event is and if they pre-book.

2) For every hour a player goes and monsters for the game they will receive 1 experience point. These may get more if the ref responsible for the monster crew feels they have done an outstanding job.

3) Bringing an in character tent to the event. By bringing an in character tent to the event you enhance the environment for everyone. Because of this we choose to reward people who have brought one with experience points. The experience points given out will depend on the quality of the in character tent. Please note that in character tents should be in keeping with the event, made in a style and out of a material that does not appear to be modern.

4) Character’s can also get experience points from going on plot related missions. Within the game world there will be opportunities for players to go on missions within the game world. Because these missions relate to plot and carry a high risk of character death we choose to reward the characters with experience points for doing them. The number of experience points a character will receive will depend on how active a mission ref views them as being when on the mission.

5) A character may also gain experience points by being rewarded them by a game ref. All refs within game will have a set amount of experience point’s that they can give out a day to players that they feel have done some of the following to an outstanding standard. Their costume, their fighting skill, a peice of role play or any other in character activity that enhances the game world for their fellow players.

Where to get experience skills from

There are 3 different places for a character to buy experience skills from (providing they have the right amount of experience points).

The first place a character may buy experience skills from is the Basic Experience skills. These skills are skills from the starting character picks. There is no limit on how many of these skills you can buy (as long as you keep within the maximum experience skill limit for your character) and there is no order that you have to buy them in.

The second place a character can get experience points from is their racial experience picks. Each character has to pick a race when they start there character, depending on what race they pick will depend on what race skills they can pick. Each race has 10 experience picks that a player may choose to buy for their character. There is no order that they need to buy these skills in, however they can only buy skills from there own race.

Thirdly a character can buy experience skills from a school within a college of there choice. There is no limit to the amount of school’s and college that a character wishes to join, however the character is still subject to the maximum of 20 experience skills rule. Each school has 10 skills in it that are based on the plot for that school. If buying skills from a school you must buy them in order, starting at 1 and going up to 10. You may only learn a school skill out of order if taught it buy someone who has the teacher skill within that school.