Costs and Promotions


The Dark Beginnings event ticket is £40.
We also offer the opportunity to lower your ticket price by bringing your friends along with you. For every new player, a company regular or new group leader brings to the system, they will get £5 off their ticket price. So if you bring 8 people to the event then you will get your ticket for free! Players who bring over 8 new people to the system will be rewarded with in game items by games control as well has having to pay nothing for their ticket.
We are also offering a rental service for old and new players alike. For just a small added fee, customers can rent in character tents, costume and LARP weapons.
If you wish to rent a 1 man in character bivvy tent and ground sheet for the long weekend it will cost you just £5. You will also gain extra experience points for your character by camping in character!

We will also be renting out LARP weapons for the weekend. New player’s using these will have to attend the new player briefing before being allowed to handle the weapons. Weapon costs will range from £5 to £20 for the weekend, depending on the weapon.

Costume hire will also be offered to out new customers or old hand players who would like to try playing something else that they do not have kit for. As close as we can, we will try and kit people out, fully in costume (not counting armour) for £15, for the weekend. We do ask that customers bring plain black trousers (not jeans), a plain white shirt and boots or shoes (no trainers).


How to pay?



You can now pay for Dark Beginnings with our new pre-book service!

By pre-booking your ticket you become entitled to our pre-book player pack. All pre-booking players will receive the following in there pack that’s posted right to there door:-

1) 1 Dark Beginnings event ticket.
2) 20 character experience points (That’s 10 extra points!)
3) 6 in game silver peaces (That’s 4 extra peaces of silver!)
4) Character lamie card with all your characters skill and states already on.

To pre-book your ticket you can do so in the following ways:-

By Cheque payable to Adam Schemanoff
By Postal Order payable to Adam Schemanoff
Or by Paypal, account e mail address:

All cheques and postal orders should be posted to the following address:-

LARP Entertainment
8, Notter Mill
Notter Bridge
PL12 4RW

For players who are paying via cheques of postal orders they will need to print out and fill out a booking form from here.

Customers wishing to pay via paypal should send an e mail to with a filled out booking form attached. We will then send you a paypal invoice to your e mail address so that you can pre-book your ticket. Upon receiving your payment via paypal we will process your pre-book form.

Pay on the gate

Players wishing to pay on the gate can do so on the Thursday or Friday. The cost of paying on the gate is £40. Players who pay on the gate will receive the following:-

1) 1 Dark Beginnings event ticket.
2) 10 character experience points
3) 2 in game silver peaces
4) Character lamie card with all your characters skill and states on it. That can be corrected from games control.


Added extras

Bivvy tents may be pre-booked when you pre-book ticket. Just tick the bivvy tent box on your booking form and your bivvy tent will be waiting for you at the event.

Costume and weapon rental may only be rented at the event’s. Please ask at the booking tent for details when you arrive.

All added extras are subject to availability.


For future information please contact:-

Adam Schemanoff
Tel: 07766192944
E mail: