OOC News



Site update:-

RPG time.

Maps page

What is LARP? page

Links page

RPG update:-

On going updates on the server side data base.


Site update:-

All banner graphics on the site have been updated.

Version 1.1 of the rule book has been created.

New download page has been added.

New web client has been added to the site for our chat room.

Games Team page has been updated.


Site update:-

Links page updated with new links and graphics.


Site update:-

RPG and Chat page update. Rules have now been added for view in web page format and for download. Page has been updated with pictures.


Site update:-

News page updated with IC and OOC pages added

Events page updated with meets and weapon practice details


Site updates:-

All boarders, texts, images and links have been changed on the site to standardise them.

Message board has been updated.

Rules have been updated.

The following pages have been added:-

RPG and Chat
Kit Rental
Home (link)
Contact Us
Costume Guide