IC News

News and Rumours by Grumpy the Dwarf.

Hello you lot. It’s me, Grumpy the Dwarf, come to tell you about some going on’s in the Dark Forest.

Firstly have you noticed how so many races have gathered together in one place? It seems that we are all drawn to this play for our own reasons. I do hope that they are not all after the gold that I have been told lye’s in the forest.

I heard some talk in the Hog and Tree Tavern the other night from a rather drunk goblin. Now you know how goblins are when they are drunk, they do enjoy to natter away. However this little green fellow told me something in the forest had been taking his fellow tribes men in the night. I bad omen I feel.

Then there is this thing I heard about some mad group of humans running around and steering up trouble. They have been marching around the local villages getting into fights and ranting about some holy crusade and some unknown god. Now I can get a little rowdy after a drink or two but even I don’t go that fare, I at lest remember who my gods are.

I never been much of one for all that magic stuff buy something got my hair on the back of my neck standing on end whenever I enter certain parts of that dammed forest. It feels all tingle and it has some of our mages jabbering like old house wives about places of power.

And have you seen all these bloody Drow around? By me beard I have never seen so many black faces in one point at any one time. I can feel something brewing with them, they are acting fare to friendly for my liking. I just hope the boss got a plan to deal with them.

Anyways I got some drinking to do, people to talk to, things to kill and women to… ummm… see. I will write again when I know more.