Saturday Weapons Practice

And Role Play Club

Every Saturday from 3:30pm Arron will be running a weapons practice and role play club. The practice will be held at Heath Town Park, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. For players wishing to meet in Wolverhampton they can do so at the Role and Play model shop at 3:00pm.

Players are asked to bring any LARP weapons that they have with them. All weapons will be checked by Arron before hand, to check that they are suitable for use.

There will also be a supply of LARP Entertainment weapons there, for players to use. All players bringing weapons are asked to let others use there weapons, to help build peoples skills with different weapon types.

Saturday Weapons Practice and Role Play Club will have not bearing of affect on LARP Entertainment character within there game world. It is purely there for practice. To help support the club we do ask player to donate any money that they can to help cover the costs of repairing weapons and equipment.