Dark Beginnings Event

Here is a new and exciting opportunity for everyone, from the hard core LARPer, to the new players who just want to give it a go, to try something different.

Dark Beginnings

Deep within the woods of the Dark Forest, trouble is brewing and the those with a sight for the future can hear the tides of war crashing against there walls. As the races of Tamrad start to come out from there cities, towns and villages they start to stumble upon each other. Some of these encounters are friendly and some are not. One thing is clear to all to see, these encounters can only lead to one thing, war! The gods look down on the world and move there people like chess peaces on a board.

Within the Dark Forest forces will meet. A scouting party of Drow now roam these forest’s, bent on gaining information for the Underdark rulers and the domination of all that they can find. They have already managed to enslave Green Skins and Orgerin alike.

Coming into opposition with this dark alliance is troop of Wee Foke, Humans and Elf’s, banded together in trade and the search for gold within the woods. The progress of this alliance of good is watched closely by there masters at home as they delve into the world around them.

Also been dragged into this dance of swords and words is a band of Beast Kin and Fairy Foke who are being lead by a mist eras beastly leader. No one can tell there intent or why they are there but it is clear that some god has a hand in there movements.

It is clear from the peaces in play; the people of power that now walk this dark forest and the great powers that watch them so closely that there can be no peaceful end to this meeting. And to add to it all an even darker hand moves behind the seen, just out of reach and sight of all within the game.

The sees of the future now say that they can see a dark beginning!


Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, from the 14th to the 17th of April, LARP Entertainment will be hosting the first event for their new LARP game system. The game itself will be held in a superb site of 100 acres of woodland, near Okehampton, Devon.

Site Address:-

Youldridge Woods

Buckland Filleigh

North Devon

EX21 5PQ

The introductions to this new world will be held at the event of “Dark Beginnings”. This first event will offer customers a chance to play a new character within a fantasy world of magic and combat. Many different forms of challenges will be laid out for our players, such as, battles, linear missions, world plot’s, monster attacks and inter race diplomacy. All these things combined together to create a fabulous new game world and a great live action role playing experience for our customers.

The event ticket price is £40. We also offer the opportunity to lower your ticket price by bringing your friends along with you. For every new player, a company regular or new group leader brings to the system, they will get £5 off their ticket price. So if you bring 8 people to the event then you will get your ticket for free! Players who bring over 8 new people to the system will be rewarded with in game items by games control as well has having to pay nothing for their ticket.

For your money LARP Entertainment will provide you with the following facilities; Water points, toilets, catering wagon, 24 hour security, first aid staff, fire marshals, 100 acres of woodland gaming area, out of character camping area, in character camping area, monster attacks, linear quests, player vs player combats and a wide rang of plots, intrigues and mysteries to sink your teeth into.

At LARP Entertainment we will also let you arrive on the Thursday and start camping for no extra charge.

We are also offering a rental service for old and new players alike. For just a small added fee, customers can rent in character tents, costume and LARP weapons. You can find more ifnormation on this here.

For future information on Dark Beginnings, please contact:-

Adam Schemanoff
Tel: 07766192944
E mail: adam.schemanoff@larpentertainment.co.uk