LARP Entertainment Role Play Game

Character conversion

Each hit on your characters body converts to 10hp. (3hits per = 30hp) this does NOT include armour.
Each point of armour you have is a straight conversion. (Medium armour = 2 armour)
All money and skills your character has in the LARP world remains here too. Please note, what you use here is lost in the LARP world as well.
Each point of mana and mana costs of spells are identical.

To hit in combat:

D6 vs. armour. If result is greater than armour, weapon damage is caused.
If result is lower than armour, no effect.
If result is equal to armour, -1 armour till end of combat.
The result of a 1 always fails where as a result of a 6 (considered a critical hit) always succeeds.
Only players in light or no armour can dodge, after being a victim of a successful hit (non critical). Roll a D6:
Light armour: 5-6 - Attack misses!
No armour 4+ - Attack misses!

Weapon damage table:

1h = 2 dmg
2h = 3 dmg
Dagger = 1dmg* (* on a roll of a 6 to hit, strike becomes critical and deals 3 dmg)
Pole arm = 4dmg
Thrown weapon = 1dmg* (*-1 to hit)
Projectile = 2 dmg* (D6 can equal the armour to hit)
Shield = +1 armour (maximum 6) or -1 dmg (minimum 1) chosen before the strike is made.
Buckler = -1 dmg only (minimum 1)
Gun = 2D6 damage - targets armour, hits on a 2+
Calls (additional damage)

Through = +2 dmg, D6 can equal the armour to hit.
Fatal = Reduced to 0 hp
Crush = first hit reduces armour to 0, second hit reduces hp to 0
Strike down = character is knocked down, armour reduced by 1 till character stands back up.

Fighting order

Initiative: D6 + race modifier, highest acts first.

Human +0
Elf +2
Wee folk -1
Drow +2
Orcs +0
Ogres -2
Fairy folk +1
Beast kin +1

Death and healing

When a character is reduced to 0hp their death count begins. They then have technically 10 minutes to be healed while they are bleeding, as they suffer -1hp per minute and at -10 the character is dead. Bind wounds stops this count, but character still needs to be healed back into positive numbers.

A note on "Fatal" this call reduces hp to 0, bind wounds has no effect and healing can only bring the player back to 0hp. The player must healed by a Divine heal fatal to recover from this.

Resources and Role play skills

All resources and role play skills (literacy, numeracy, ore etc) remain in your possession and skills, but have only an effect on role play, they do little in game terms.

Rounds and actions

All players make an action per round (initiative order), the round lasts 30 seconds IC time so make actions based on that time. Only 1 combat action may be taken per round (excluding ambidexterity).
Ambidexterity actions - A player with ambidexterity can make 2 attack actions in 1 round with different weapons. If this is done they suffer -1 to their roll with each attack (6 still succeeds regardless).
When all players have acted a new round begins, initiative is rolled again.

Damage locations

Even though the hp is a total amount, locations are randomised into the following categories:
After a successful hit, roll a D6.
1 - Left leg
2 - Right leg
3 - Left arm
4 - Right arm
5 - Body
6 - Head
This is only for role playing purposes (GM's discretion)


Poison - KO

Player is knocked out for 5 minutes unless awakened or purged.

Poison - Venom

Player suffers 1 dmg every 30 seconds (round) until purged.


After speaking or looking at your target, you may try to intimidate them; they have to roll a D6:
6 - Player/monster resisted intimidation and can not be intimidated by the same person in the next 24 hrs.
1-5 - Player/monster is intimidated. They suffer -1 to hit you and get +1 to hit them for 24 hrs.
In this time, the intimidated person will flee from the caster if caster attempts to scare them.


The player recovers 1hp per minute (2 rounds) even when unconscious. When bleeding out, health doesn't deplete nor increase unless wounds are bound.

Resist poison

Poisons have no lasting affect on the player; the more potent ones may make them ill. (GM's discursion)

Resist mind affects

A roll of 2+ instead of 6+ allows you to resist mind affecting abilities and spells.

Resist fear

A roll of 2+ instead of 6+ allows you to resist fear spells and abilities. (And the fleeing part of intimidate)



Casting a spell is considered a combat action, so only 1 spell per round maybe cast by each person. If the spell costs 2 or less mana then it is cast instantly.
To cast higher mana spells you are required to Channel. It takes an action to channel and you can add up to 5 mana per channel, this is cumulative and you don't have to declare what spell you are casting until you cast it. (so you can use the mana for something else if you change your mind).Obviously, the more man the spell is, the longer it will take to cast. Counter spells do not need to be channelled.


To counter a spell, you must declare counter spell "X" mana. The caster and the countered roll a D6, the one with the highest result is successful (re-roll if tied). These rolls are modified based on the mana used.

Spell. D6 + spells mana cost.
Counter D6 + mana declared.


On a roll of a 6 on a D6 the spell has little or no affect. Any player may do this after been the victim of a successfully cast spell.

Spell list

Basic Bolts: 1D4 dmg - armour (6 guarantees at least 1 dmg).
Purge poisons: Removes a poison affect from target.
Counter magic: Allows to counter spells cast at you only (see countering).
Lvl2 Bolts: 1D6 dmg - armour (6 guarantee at least 2 dmg).
Lvl3 bolts (greater) Deals 2D6 dmg - armour.
Manipulate spirit: controls an enemy’s action for a round.
Touch drain spirit: Reduces the target to -10 hp (instant death).
Fear: Target flees for 30 seconds (1 round).
Heal mind affects: Removes lasting mind control/damaging affects off target.
Glamour mind: Target becomes immune to mind damage for 1 hour.
Mass fear: Everyone in the area flees for 30 seconds (1 round).
Godly frenzy: Target becomes blind with anger. Invincible for 10 minutes, attacks allies as if they were enemies. After the 10 minutes is up they are reduced to -3 hp.
Heal fatal: Allows a player to be healed above 0 after suffering a fatal wound, heals 1D4 dmg too.
Heal: Heals 1D6 dmg from the target.
Bless with Body dev: Target gains +10 hp for 24 hrs
Bless with Godly armour: Armour increased to 7 for 1 hour, during this time all melee dmg is reduced to 1 except fatal. Crush does not destroy this, instead it deals 1 dmg.
Repel: Pushes target up to 30ft away from caster, can hit obstacles. Improvisational dmg at GM's discretion.
Strike down: see above.
Defence from Ranged Barrier : Allies in area are protected from projectile weaponry. Lasts a whole round.
Defence from Blades Barrier : Allies in Area are protect from blades. Lasts a whole round.

RPG Rules written and converted by Arron Graham
Converted from LARP Entertainment LARP rules written by Adam Schemanoff