LARP Entertainment

RPG and Chat Room


LARP Entertainment will be offering a free, Role Play Game and chat service, for its customers.

Our LARP Entertainment RPG game will be held every Friday, from 9pm in our IRC chat room #LE, on the IrCQNet server.

The #LE chat room itself will always be open to LARP Entertainment customer who can drop buy at any time talk about LARP Entertainments, Live Action Role Play game or LARP Entertainments, Role Play Game.

Getting Started

Adam has created an easy to use mIRC chat script that will take you straight to the room. The mIRC script contains all the scripts and programs needed to play our RPG game. You can get that from here:-

LARP Entertainment Chat

LARP Entertainment Chat is a ziped file. You may need to get Winzip to open it. You can get Winzip from:-

Players who wish to use there own mIRC programs will have to download the race chat script into there own mIRC to get the full use of our RPG game. You can get that from here:-

Race chat script

Players using there own mIRC programs can fine us by:-

Joining the IrCQNet server at
Joining the LARP Entertainment chat room #LE

Or you can enter chat room using ICQ's web site based Java chat program here.
Players viewing chat this way will not be able to use our race chat option.


You can now register your characters in our IRC chat room. All players wishing to play LARP Entertainment RPG will need to have a registered character. Players must as the GM to register there character in the chat room.

Registered characters how have pre-booked for the event will be able to develop there LARP characters within the RPG world. When registering you can opt to keep some of your in character money in your RPG account. This will mean you start with some money in the RPG game.

Players for have pre-booked and registered an RPG character may collect any experience, money or item’s they have gain in game at the start of any LARP Entertainment even to use with there LARP character, providing there characters are the same in both the RPG and LARP world.

If a customer chooses to play our RPG game then they do so with the understanding that there character is able to die in the RPG game world, regardless of if they have pre-booked or not. Then a character die’s, if it is the same character as being played in our LARP game then both characters will be counted as being dead. All money, experience points, skills and items will be lost.

If customers do not wish to risk there LARP game character then they may choose to play another character in our RPG game.


Your can download the Rules created by Arron here:-

LARP Entertainment RPG Rules

Or view the rules in web page formate here.

Chat Bot

Much of our RPG game is governed by our chat bot, created by Adam. Our chat bot is run off the mIRC program, using mIRC scripts.

As LARP Entertainment believes in open source code projects we have the main two mIRC scripts, which we have created are here for free download, use, sharing and development.

The two scripts are:-

Using the text commands you can make this bot script roll random, D4, D6 and 2 D6 dice rolls. The dice rolls will be displayed within a chat room.

Data Base
Using text based commands the GM can register, manage and view players, character details. The player can also view there own details.

Details stored are:-

Character Name
Player Name
Character Race
Character Skills
Characters Weapons
Experience Skills
Amount Of Money
Any Other Items
Amount Of Experience Points


At the present time LARP Entertainment RPG has only been developed for windows users. If there is enough demand I will look at developing, Perl scripts, for xchat, for Linux users.

Please offer any help for development of this RPG project on our message board.